Wedding Floral Trend: Tropicals

While roses and hydrangea are romantic and timeless staples of the bridal bouquet, some edgier additions are trending that pack some serious punch in the way of texture, color, and form. Orchids, anthuriums, proteas, and other tropical flowers and foliage have been popping everywhere–and not just in beach weddings! Curious about adding some tropical touches to your wedding? We’ll walk you through some of the flower types we love that will give you that unique touch.



Phalaenopsis, or moth orchids, are an elegant variety that comes in many bright colors, and striped and spotted patterns. Cattleyas, vandas, and mokaras are other orchid types that come in every color of the rainbow.

Pomp & Splendour, Photographed by Sayher Heffernan
Intic Design, Photographed by Tracy Enoch
Coco Rose Design, Photographed by Anna Delores
Freesia Dallas, Photographed by Shannon Skloss
Freesia Dallas, Photographed by Amy Karp
Prestige Floral Studio, Photographed by Rachel Peters
Freesia Dallas, Photographed by Apryl Ann


Anthuriums can be an eye-grabbing statement element of a bouquet, or a subtle accent.

Bridal Musings, Photographed by Maui Maka
Celsia Florist, Photographed by Kat Willson
Inessa Nichols Design, Photographed by Jennifer Sosa
Bouwer Flowers, Photographed by Debbie Lourens
New England Flower Co, Photographed by Ode Studios
Natural Art Flowers, Photographed by Katie Grant Photography


The king protea is a showstopper in a bridal bouquet, centerpiece, or arch installation. Pink mink proteas are a similar but smaller variety. Pincushion proteas get their name from the “pincushion” shape–a uniquely distinct texture in an arrangement. The aptly named blushing bride protea has a softer look that’s sure to stun.

Betty Flowers Santorini, Photographed by Anna Roussos
DIY, Photographed by Wendy Laurel
Rachel Mercier Design, Photographed by Tory Williams
Sachi Rose

Tropical Leaves

Monsteras, palms, banana trees, aralia and ferns all have distinctive foliage that is attention-grabbing. Adding them to a bridal bouquet creates interesting contrast, and just a few leaves in a centerpiece can transform your event to a tropical paradise!



Blade Floral Design, Photographed by Amber Gress


Bouwer Flowers, Photographed by Debbie Lourens
Posh Petals, Photographed by Ashley Slater Photography
Freesia Dallas, Photographed by Amy Karp
Poppies & Posies, Photographed by Shannen Norman

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