Which Bridal Bouquet is Right for You?

Choosing a bridal bouquet can be daunting. On top of the colors and the flower types, there are endless options for the shape and style of your bouquet. We’ll explore three of the most popular bouquet designs that are always in fashion, to help you decide which fits your own personal aesthetic.

  • Round: Modern, Clean, Romantic

When you imagine your wedding, do the words “timeless,” “fairy-tale,” and “classic” enter your mind? If so, a round bouquet might be right for you. In bright colors, or in simply stunning shades of white and ivory, a round bouquet is eternally chic.

Clockwise from top right: Shannon Skloss Photography, Andrea Elizabeth Photography, Cristina Wisner Photography
  • Cascade: Timeless, Elegant, Dramatic

A cascading bouquet is one of the most traditional styles of bridal bouquet–and for good reason! Modern touches make this bouquet a perfectly timely choice for brides looking to make a statement.

Clockwise from top right: Stephanie Brazzle Photography, Apryl Ann Photography, The Mamones
  • Organic: Creative, Bohemian, Whimsical

An organic bouquet has a looser structure, with more natural elements built in. Full of texture and flowing greenery, an organic bouquet complements a free-spirited celebration effortlessly.

Clockwise from top right: Shannon Skloss Photography, Haley Katherine Photography, Murphy and Grace


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