Pulling Back the Curtain… A Behind-the-Scenes Q&A with the Women of Freesia!

The idea of working in a flower shop can be a beautiful fantasy career for some people… we’re here to show you what it’s really like behind the scenes! It is truly just as much fun as you can imagine, but we promise it’s also at least twice as much work as you’re thinking! Lots of heavy lifting, processing flowers, building floral installations on ladders, tons of sweeping & washing, and busy, busy holidays.

Our owner Lauren, lead designer Irina, and office manager Savannah give us their thoughts on the backstage glamour of it all…

What’s the number one thing people don’t expect about being a florist?

Lauren:: That it’s a messy job and there are a lot of integral moving parts.

Irina:: The amount of grunt work involved – washing buckets, prepping stems, etc. It’s not always just playing with flowers or smelling the roses.

Savannah:: I think most people don’t expect how physical it is! It’s so not a prissy job – processing flowers gets messy, leaves flying everywhere, getting your fingers pricked on the rose thorns. And setting up weddings requires lots of physical exertion and hustling, and being unbelievably detail-attentive while adhering to your timeline.

Sometimes working on floral installations means getting your hands dirty… or your jeans wet.

What’s your insider knowledge top tip for brides and their florals for the big day?

L:: Bring us lots of pictures! Knowing what you don’t like is equally as important as what you do like. Know your wedding or floral budget before you walk into your consultation.  As florists, our pricing can vary so much depending on the specific products we’re including in your flower palette as well as what size and scale we can make your arrangements.  Being given a budget helps us to provide a more accurate proposal from the beginning so there are no surprises to either of us later on.

I:: Come into the appointment with a wedding color scheme, theme, or inspiration photos. This helps your visions come to life so much easier, and helps the designer make something magical and unique to you. When brides come in with no idea what they want, it can be extra time consuming coming up with a palette or theme because the possibilities are endless. Also, be flexible either with floral choices or budget. If you need peonies in July, it’ll cost you since it’s out of season. But if you just like the color pink… then there is so much to choose from.

S:: Choose what you want your focus on the most during your wedding and allocate more of your budget there. Do you want your ceremony backdrop to be the statement centerpiece? Or your table arrangements? Can you scale back the guestbook table arrangement so you can get flowers on the bar?

Before the event starts, when everything is perfectly laid out on the tables and the candles are just lit is the best time for pictures.

What do you prefer – all whites or all brights?

L:: I appreciate all color schemes, but bright & vibrant tends to get me most excited.

I:: Brights! Even muted brights or monochromatic.

S:: Absolutely all brights – I love arrangements with dense or unique color palettes. Spring brights (pink, purple, orange, green, yellow, maybe with a pop of white) are the happiest arrangements to me.

For a florist, one of the most important and special moments of any wedding is showing the bride her bouquet for the first time.

What’s your favorite florist “hack”?

L:: Rehydrating soft hydrangeas – just submerge the head under cool water for a while, recut the stem, and voila!

I:: If you want something to last, keep it cold. If you want something to open, keep it warm.

S:: It’s so basic but changing the water in your arrangement everyday or every other day helps them stay fresh and living so much longer. And drying or pressing your flowers when they start to wilt! You’ll get to see them everyday and give the flowers another use in life.

If someone asked you to build your dream arrangement for yourself, what would you include?  

L:: I love jewel tones with purples, pinks and reds with greens.  So vibrant and fun!

I:: Oh gosh. Coral charm peonies, Free Spirit roses, pink ginger, thistle, white astilbe, orchids, lots and lots of greenery like weeping podocarpus and monstera leaves. Solidago, green hydrangea, iris, watermelon ranunculus, white anemone, proteas…

S:: It would be lush, soft, and romantic with all shades of pink, magenta, fuchsia, and whites – full of garden roses, peonies, astilbe, veronica, with beautiful dark greenery accents like Italian ruscus.

Before we can start building pieces, we process lots and lots of flowers first – and seeing them all come together for the first time is a momentous part of any event!

Stay tuned for the second half of our questions with Lauren, Irina, and Savannah!

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