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While we have a fun, relaxed work environment, we are obsessed with details and creating fresh designs that are uniquely you.  When you meet with us, we want to see pictures of flowers, arrangements and any details that you love. We will talk through every element of your vision or help you develop your vision so that when you receive your proposal you will see all of the different components coming together to make that vision a reality.

Owner and Creative Director, Lauren Schmidt, oversees every aspect of the design process to ensure what’s discussed with their clients’ appears in real life and that expectations are met and exceeded.

“We just love bringing their dreams to reality,” says Lauren. “To see their faces the first time they walk into a beautiful space created just for them, is priceless.”

Lauren Schmidt – Owner/Creative Director ::  Lauren began her career in the events industry working at a few well-known private membership clubs in Dallas. In 2009, she started her planning company, The Creative Touch, Events by Lauren .  She quickly developed a reputation as being super creative and thorough “making every aspect of planning and executing each event so perfect.”

In the spring of 2015, she and her husband, Brandon, acquired Freesia, a well-known floral design company that began in 2006. “It was quite unexpected actually. I’ve always loved floral design and being hands on with it from a planning perspective. So when the opportunity presented itself, I knew that Freesia would be a natural fit and I would get to extend my passion for truly creating beautiful design even further.”

When not creating gorgeous events for her clients’, Lauren loves spending time with her family.  Lauren’s two boys, Landon and Hudson, keeps her moving and shaking just about every minute of the day. She also enjoys cooking her family’s Italian recipes and watching a good movie curled up next to her hubs.

Brandon Schmidt- The Muscle :: Brandon is an entrepreneur at heart who never shy’s away from a challenge or being a helpful hand.  While his first job is in healthcare as a consultant for hospitals and private practices thought the United States, he loves working with the Freesia team.  “We give him all the heavy lifting projects, says Lauren.” “I don’t mind, Brandon follows. It makes us a better team and I get to put my skills to good use.”

Despite his busy schedule, Brandon makes time to do some things he enjoys such as working out, fishing and watching football.

Mami Driscoll- The Flower Whisperer :: a native of Japan, Mami has been very connected to nature since she was a child.  She got her start in floral design taking ‘Ikebana’, a Japanese style of flower arranging. 20+ years into it, she says she never stops learning and developing her skills. “Styles and trends are always changing, says Mami, so it’s important to keep ahead and go with the flow.” From romantically traditional to ultra modern or just plain wild, she can create just about any style of floral design you can imagine.

She believes that flowers are an expression of oneself and that she has flower fairies with her helping her create beauty in whatever she does.

When Mami is on her down time, she loves to travel, cook, take pictures and create pottery pieces.  Her life motto is “One peaceful world” and she exudes that daily.

Angie Wright – Office Manager/Client Relations :: Angie is the lovely voice you hear over the phone when calling Freesia for all of your floral need. She joined the Freesia team in early 2016 and has quickly proven herself to be an invaluable team member! Angie manages a multitude of tasks from taking care of their client and vendor relations, social media marketing, scheduling, and pretty much anything that arises daily. She plays a huge role keeping it all organized. She is service oriented at heart and our clients just love her sincere and helpful personality.

In her free time, Angie enjoys trying new cooking recipes, having ‘me time’, playing with her dogs, Marrie Jane and Scarlet, and spending time with her loved ones.